案件受理费 court acceptance fee

案情重大、复杂 important and complicated case

案由 cause of action

案子 case

包揽诉讼 monopolize lawsuits

被告 defendant(用于民事、行政案件); the accused (用于刑事案件)

被上诉人 appellee

被诉人 respondent; defendant

本案律师 councel pro hac vice

本地律师 local counsel

毕业证 diploma; graduation certificate

辩护词 defense; pleadings

辩护律师 defense lawyer

辩护要点 point of defense

辩护意见 submission

财产租赁 property tenancy

裁定书 order; ruling; determination(指终审裁定)

裁决书 award(用于仲裁)

裁决书 verdict(用于陪审团)

采信的证据 admitted evidence; established evidence

草拟股权转让协议 drafting agreement of assignment of equity interests

查阅法条 source legal provisions

产权转让 conveyancing

出差 go on errand; go on a business trip

出国深造 further study abroad

出具律师意见书 providing legal opinion

出示的证据 exhibit

出庭 appear in court

传票 summons; subpoena

答辩状 answer; reply

代理词 representation

代理公证、商标、专利、版权、房地产、工商登记 agency for notarization, trademark, patent, copyright, and registration of real estate and incorporations

代理仲裁 agency for arbitration

代写文书 drafting of legal instruments

待决案件 pending case

当事人陈述 statement of the parties

第三人 third party

吊销执业证 revocation of lawyer license

调查笔录 investigative record

调查取证 investigation and gathering for evidence

调解 mediation

调解书 mediation

二审案件 case of trial of second instance

发送电子邮件 send e-mail

法律顾问 legal consultants

法律意见书 legal opinions

法律援助 legal aid

法律咨询 legal counseling

法庭 division; tribunal

法学博士学位 LL.D (Doctor of Laws)

法学会 law society

法学课程 legal courses

法学硕士学位 LL.M (Master of Laws)

法学系 faculty of law; department of law

法学学士学位 LL.B (Bachelor of Laws)

J.D ( juris doctor缩写,美国法学学士)

法学院 law school

法院公告 court announcement

反诉状 counterclaim

房地产律师 real estate lawyer; real property lawyer

非合伙律师 associate lawyer

非诉讼业务 non-litigation practice

高级合伙人 senior partner

高级律师 senior lawyer

各类协议和合同 agreements and contracts

公司上市 company listing

公诉案件 public-prosecuting case

公证书 notarial certificate

国办律师事务所 state-run law office

国际贸易 international trade

国际诉讼 international litigation

国内诉讼 domestic litigation

合伙律师 partner lawyer

合伙制律师事务所 law office in partner-ship; cooperating law ofice

合同审查、草拟、修改 contract review, drafting and revision

会见当事人 interview a client

会见犯罪嫌疑人 interview a criminal suspect

兼职律师 part-time lawyer

监狱 prison; jail

鉴定结论 expert conclusion

缴纳会费 membership dues

举证责任 burden of proof; onus probandi

决定书 decision

勘验笔录 record of request

看守所 detention house

抗诉书 protest

控告人 accuser; complainant

跨国诉讼 transnational litigation

劳动争议 labor disputes

劳动争议仲裁委员会 arbitration committee for labor disputes

劳改场 reform-through-labor farm; prison farm

利害关系人 interested party; party in interest

律管处处长 director of lawyer control department

律师 lawyer attorney; attorney at law

律师惩戒 lawyer discipline

律师法 Lawyer Law

律师费 lawyer fee

律师函 lawyer’s letter

律师见证 lawyer attestation/authentication

律师见证书 lawyer certification/authentication/witness

律师卷宗 lawyer’s docile; file

律师刊物 lawyer’s journal

律师联系电话 contact phone number of a lawyer

律师事务所 law office; law firm

律师收费 billing by lawyer

律师网站 lawyer website

律师协会 National Bar (Lawyer) Association

律师协会会员 member of Lawyer Association

律师协会秘书长 secretary general of Bar (Lawyer) Association

律师协会章程 Articles of Lawyer Assocition

律师业务室 lawyer’s office

律师执业证 lawyer license

律师助理 assistant lawyer

律师资格考试 bar exam; lawyer qualification exam

律师资格证 lawyer qualification certificate

民事案件 civil case

民事调解 civil mediation

民事诉讼 civil litigation

判决 judgement(用于民事、行政案件);




旁证 circumstantial evidence

企业章程 articles of association; articles of incorporation; bylaw

企业重组 corporate restructure

起诉状 information; indictment

取消律师资格 disbar

全国律师代表大会 National Lawyer Congress

缺席宣判 pronounce judgement or determination by default

人民法院 People’s Court

人民检察院 People’s Procuratorate

认定事实 determine facts

上诉案件 case of trial of second instance; appellate case

上诉人 appellant

上诉状 petition for appeal

涉外律师 lawyers specially handling foreign-related matters

申请复议 administrative reconsideration petition

申请加入律师协会 application for admission to Law Association

申请人 petitioner; claimant

申诉案件 appeal case

申诉人(仲裁) claimant; plaintiff

申诉书 appeal for revision, petition for revision

实习律师 apprentice lawyer; lawyer in probation period

实习律师证 certificate of apprentice lawyer

视听证据 audio-visual reference material

适用法律 apply law to facts

受害人 victim

书证 documentary evidence

司法部 Ministry of Justice

司法建议书 judicial advise

司法局 Judicial Bureau

司法局副局长 deputy director of Judicial Bureau

司法局局长 director of Judicial Bureau

司法统一考试 uniform judicial exam

送达 service of process

诉讼 litigation; action; lawsuit

诉讼当事人 litigation party; litigious party

诉讼业务 litigation practice

诉状 complaint; bill of complaint; statement of claim

推销法律服务 promote/market legal service

外国律师事务所 foreign law office

委托代理合同 authorized representation contract

委托代理人 agent ad litem; entrusted agent

委托授权书 power of attorney

物证 material evidence

嫌疑人 criminal suspect

项目融资 project financing

项目谈判 project negotiating

刑事案件 criminal case

刑事诉讼 criminal litigation

行政诉讼 administrative litigation

休庭 adjourn the court; recess

宣判 pronounce judgement; determination

宣誓书 affidavit

业务进修 attendance in advanced studies

一审案件 case of trial of first instance

与国外律师事务所交流 communicate with foreign law firms

原告 plaintiff

证券律师 securities lawyer

证人证言 testimony of witness; affidavit

执行笔录 execution record

执业登记 registration for practice

执业范围 scope of practice; sphere of practice; practice area

执业申请 practice application

执业证年检 annual inspection of lawyer license

仲裁 arbitration

仲裁案件 arbitration case

仲裁机构 arbitration agency

专门律师 specialized lawyer

专职律师 professional lawyer; full-time lawyer

撰写法律文章 write legal thesis

资信调查 credit standing investigation

自诉案件 private prosecuting case