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法律英语短句集锦  1. The National People‘s Congress is the highest organ of state power. 全国人民代表大会是最高国家权力机关。
  2. The judicial organs of China consist of people‘s courts, people’s procurator and the public security departments. 我国的司法机关由人民法院人民检查院和公安部门组成。
  3. In the application of the law all citizens are deemed as equals. 一切公民在适用法律上一律平等。
  4. The criminal law is one of the basic laws of our country. 刑法是我国基本法之一。
  5. Criminal responsibility shall be borne for intentional crimes. 故意犯罪应当负刑事责任
  6. In China, the principal penalties are public surveillance, detention, fixed-time imprisonment, life imprisonment and death. 我国的主要刑罚是管制,拘役,有期徒刑, 无期徒刑和死刑
  7. The court‘s job is administering justice and upholding the law. 法院的任务是执行法律和维护法律。
  8. The accused was declared innocent. 被告人被宣布为无罪。
  9. The court acquitted him of a crime. 法院宣判他无罪。
  10. The court pronounced the accused not guilty. 法院宣判被告无罪。
  11. The court declared John innocent. 法院宣布约翰无罪
  12. The court pronounced a sentence of three years on the accused. 法庭宣判被告人服三年徒刑。
  13. They settled the case out of court. 他们的案子在法庭外解决了。
  14. She sued him in the court for damages. 她向法院控告他,要求赔偿损失
  15. The judge summoned two witnesses to the court. 法官传唤两个证人出庭。
  16. The court is in short recess. 法庭作短暂休庭
  17. The death penalty shall be carried out by means of shooting. 死刑用枪决的方法执行。
  18. As the trials are held under the supervision of the people, their democratic rights can be better safeguarded. 由于审判是在人民监督下进行的,人民的民主权利就可以得到更好的保障。
  19. The judge asked the witness where the accused had been during the accident. 法官询问证人,事情发生时被告人在什麽地方。
  20. The little girl witnessed what happened the day before. 这个小女孩目睹前一天所发生的一切。
  21. The criminal law of China provides that extortion of confessions through torture is strictly prohibited. 我国刑罚规定,严禁刑讯逼供。
  22. Internal acts cannot constitute a crime. 内心的活动不能构成犯罪。
  23. He pleaded guilty to his crime and was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. 他对自己罪行表示服罪, 并被判处三年徒刑。
  24. Whichever the case may be, this must be stopped resolutely. 不论情况怎样, 此事必须坚决制止
  25. Any fact that testifies to the real circumstances of a case is evidence. 证明案件真实情况的任何事实都是证据
  26. All law-breakers, no matter who they may be, will be duly punished. 凡是违犯法律的人,不管他们是谁,都会受到应得的惩罚。
  27. The evidence he has given is so weak that he is not entitled to be heard. .他所提供的证据很不充分, 因此他的起诉没有被法院受理
  28. China‘s constitution provides that the citizens’ freedom of person and their homes are inviolable. 我国宪法规定公民的人身自由和住宅不受侵犯。
  29. The judge asked the president of the court to decide whether he should withdraw. 审判员要求院长决定他是否应当回避
  30. None can witness that he was present. 没有人能证明他在场
  31. As soon as the charge against the defendant is established, the case is tried by the court. 被告的被控一旦成立, 该案件就由法庭审判。
  32. If a man breaks the law, he can be punished. 如果一个人犯法, 就会受到惩罚33. We will call the court to order when the chief procurator has come. 检察长一到, 我们就开庭。
  34. The announcement of judgment shall in all cases be made in public. 宣判一律公开进行。
  35. In the present Criminal Law, false charges, perjury and libel are designated as crimes. 现行的刑法中已确定了诬陷, 伪证和诽谤是犯罪的
  36. The enforcement of the laws must be strict . 执法必严。
  37. Judgment means that a decision is given after trial. 判决书是审判后作出的判决。
  38. The plaintiff won the case because the other party didn‘t appear in court. 因为对方不出庭, 原告人胜诉了。
  39. In case where the offender is deaf and dumb or blind the penalty may be lighter or be mitigated or remitted. 聋哑人或者盲人犯罪, 可以从轻, 减轻或者免除处罚。
  40. The reason why he was arrested is now clear. 他被逮捕的原因现在清楚了。
  41. A criminal offender is one who commits a crime. 刑事犯罪指的是那种犯有罪行的人
  42. The crime of which the offender is proved guilty will be severely punished by law. 违法者的行为的罪行一旦被证实有罪将受到法律严厉的制裁。
  43. Any person whose rights have been infringed upon may bring a suit to the court. 凡是自己权利受到别人侵犯的人, 都可以向法院起诉。
  44. The discharge of a contract means in general that the parties are freed from their mutual obligations. 解约一般指的是双方当事人免去相互承担的义务。
  45. When we entered the room, we found the dead lying on the ground. 当我们走进屋内, 我们发现死者躺在地上。
  46. The marriage must be voluntary. 婚姻必须是自愿的。
  47. Mary sued for a divorce. 玛丽起诉要求离婚。
  48. The court sentenced the offender the death. 法院潘出该罪犯死刑。
  49. Every, without exception, should not offend against the law. 任何人无例外的都不应触犯法律。
  50. Penalties are classified as principal and supplementary. 刑法区分为主型和附加刑。
  51. The witness watched the habitual offender robbing the man of his money. 证人看见那个惯犯抢夺那个人的钱财。
  52. The court dismissed Dennis‘ charge. 法庭驳回戴尼斯的控告。
  53. The court considered the case very important. 法庭认为这件案子十分重要。
  54. The court considered the plaintiff‘s evidence insufficient. 法庭认为原告的证据并不充分。
  55. The defendant offered the plaintiff a house for $10,000. 被告人卖给原告一幢房子, 索价一万美元。
  56. Sentences of the death penalty with suspension of execution may be decided or approved by a high people‘s court. 死刑缓期执行的可以由高级人民法院判决或者核准。
  57. The lawyer wanted to know how the murderess had helped her accomplice get away. 律师想知道女杀人犯是如何帮助她的同伙逃走的。
  58. You wronged him when you said that he was dishonest. 你说他不诚实是冤枉他了。
  59. If action is not taken within the prescribed tome, prosecution can never be taken. 如果在规定时间不起诉,就不能再诉了
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In the application of the law all citizens are deemed as equals. 一切公民在适用





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