1.If the contract is null and void, the remedy is to rescind and to put the parties in the position如果合同无效,救济方法是撤销合同,in which they were prior to the attempted agreement.使双方当事人回复到协议签署之前的地位。
  2.If the statute of limitations has run,the plaintiff is without redress.如果过了法定诉讼时效,原告将无法得到救济。
  3.In pleading,a party may request alternative relief.在诉辩状中,当事人可提出替换救济要求。
  4.Penal redress requires full compensation of the injured person刑事救济规定对受害人进行充分补偿,as an instrument for punishing the of***der.由此作为对罪犯的一种惩罚机制。
  5.The act expressly provides for injunctive relief.该法律明文规定了强制令救济。
  6.The classic remedy for copyright infringement is equitable relief.传统的侵犯版权的救济是衡平法上的救济。
  7.The judge deemed it sufficient to compensate the plaintitt, making a dquitable remedy unneccessary.贷方有诉诸法庭或重新占有汽车两种救济方法。
  8.The lender has a remedy either in court or through repossession of the car.贷方有诉诸法庭或重新占有汽车两种救济方法。
  9.The most common of legal remedy is damages.最常见的普通法上的救济是损害赔偿金。
  10.We have to consider specific performance and other equitable remedies.我们必须考虑强制履行和其他的一些衡平法的救济。
  Part 27 Legislation立法1.A law should be amended or repealed only by the same procedures that were used to enact it.法律只有经其颁布之同样程序方能被修正或废除。
  2.A legislature has many of the same poweres as a court to support a legislative inquiry.立法机关具有许多与法院相同的权力以进行立法调查。
  3.Courts often look to legislative intent for guidance in interpreting and applying a law.法院经常留意立法意,以此作为解释和适用法律之指南。
  4.it is the business of the judiciary to interpret the laws, not scan the authority of the lawgiver.法院的事务是解释法律而觊觎立法权。
  5.Such legislation is unconstitutional.此种立法是违宪的。
  6.The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation.最大多数人的最大幸福是道德和立法的基础。
  7.The legislative cannot transfer the power of making laws to any other hands.立法机关不能把制定法律的权力转让给任何其他人。
  8.The legislative history and the language of the law may provide indications of the legislative intent.立法史和法律语言可以提供有关立法意图的线索。
  9.The legislative power is the supreme power in every commonwealth.立法权是第个国家中的最高权力。
  10.To carry out an objective review of current legislation is important.对现行立法进行客观审查很重要。
  Part 28 Lawyer律师1.A barrister has right of audience in any court in England and Wales.律师有权在英格兰和威尔士的任何法院出庭。
  2.A lawyer shall not represent both parties involved in the same case.律师不得在同一案件中为双方当事人担任代理人。
  3.A lawyer should assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the legal profession.律师应帮助维护律师界的正直及业务能力。
  4.A lawyer should assist in preventing the unauthorized practice of law.律师应帮助防止非法执业。
  5.A lawyer should assist the legal profession in fulfilling its duty to make legal counsel available.律师应帮助律师界履行其提供法律顾问的义务。
  6.A lawyer should avoid even the appearance of professional impropriety.律师甚至应避免出现不正当业务现象。
  7.A lawyer should exercise independent professional judgment on behalf of a client.律师应代表当事人独立进行法律专业判断。
  8.A lawyer should preserve the confidences and secrets of client.律师应当为当事人保密。
  9.A lawyer should represent a client competently.律师应称职地担任当事人的代理。
  10.A lawyer should represent a client zealously within the bounds of the law.律师应在法律范围内热忱为当事人代理。
  11.Can you contact the solicitors representing the vendors?
  12.Counsel is instructed to settle the de***se.律师接受指示处理辩护事项。
  13.Counsel for the plaintiff opposed the de***dant's application for an adjournment.原千律师反对被告的休庭申请。
  14.Cousel for the prosecution opened with a description of the accused's family.起诉方律师开始发言时对被告的家庭背景做了描述。
  15.Counsel must not lead the witness.律师不得诱导证人。
  16.Counsel pleaded the accused's age in extenuation of his actions.律师以被告年龄为由要求减轻其行为过错。
  17.Cousel prevailed upon the judge to arant an adjournmet.律师劝说法官休庭。
  18.Counsel questioned the reliability of the witness evidence.律师对证人证词的可靠性表示怀疑。
  19.Counsel raised a point of law.辩护人提出了一个法律问题。
  20.Counsel stated that there was no case to answers, but the judge demurred.律师声明没有必要进行答辩,但法官表示不同意。
  21.De***se counsel made a speech in mitigation. 22.De***se counsel put his case.辩护律师提出他的论点。
  23.He has set up in practice as a solecitor.他已是一个开业“沙律师”。
  24.He is a partner in a law firm.他是律师事务所的合伙人。
  25.He was denied the right to see his lawyer.他被剥夺了会见律师的权利。
  26.Sould legal advice depends upon the lawyer being fully informed by the client.好的法律咨询意见取决于律师是否能从当事人处获得充分信息。
  27.The accused decided to dispense with the services of a lawyer.被告决定不要律师的服务。
  28.The solicitor attempted to have the charge dropped.沙律师试图使原告撤诉。
  29.The solicitor paid the fine on behalf of his client.沙律师代表诉讼委托人支付了罚款(金)。
  30.The solicitor sent an extract of the deeds.沙律师寄出一份契据的摘录本。
  Part 29 Contempt of court藐视法庭1.At common law, conduct tending to interferewith the couse of justice in particular legal proceedings constitutes criminal contempt.在普通法上,意在干预具体法律程序的司法过程之行为将构成藐视法庭罪。
  2.Because contemptuous conduct interferes with the administration of justice,因为藐视法庭行为干扰司法职能,it is punishable,usually by fine or imprisonment.故应予惩罚,通常可处罚金或监禁刑。
  3.Criminal contempt is crime that is punishable by fine or imprisonment or both.咆哮公堂是犯罪行为,可处罚金,监禁或并处。
  4.He is in danger of being in contempt of court.他可能会犯藐视法庭罪。
  5.He refused to obey the court order and was sent to prison for contempt.他拒绝服从法院命令,因藐视法院而被收监。
  6.His conduct tending to disregard the judge's order constituted contempt of court.他不遵从法官命令之行为构成了藐视法庭罪。
  7.The judge imposed an instant fine upon the contemnor.法官当即对藐视法庭者处了罚金。
  8.The judge's decision sets a precedent for future cases of contempt of court.法官的裁决为未来的藐视法庭案制定了一个先例。
  9.The lawyer was fined $500 for contempt of court.该律师因藐视法庭罪被处500美元罚金。
  10.The sanctions for civil contempt end upon compliance with order.对民事上的藐视法庭罪孽的惩罚在当事人遵循法院命令后即结束。
  Part 30 Jury陪审团1.Every de***dant charged with a felony has a right to be charged by the Grand Jury.重罪被告都有权由大陪审团审理。
  2.He chose to stand trial by jury.他选择了陪审审判。
  3.The accused made his election for jury trial.被告选择了由陪审团参加的审判。
  4.The judge directed the jury to acquit all the de***dants.法官指示陪审团裁定所有被告无罪。
  5.The jury brought in a verdict of not guilty.陪审团作了无罪裁定。
  6.The jury found him guilty and did not recommend mercy.陪审团裁定他有罪,且未提出宽大处理。
  7.The jury has to decide whom to believe among a mass of conflicting evidence.在一大堆相互抵触的证据中陪审团必须决定相信哪能一方。
  8.The jury reached a unanimous verdict of not guilty.陪审团一致裁决无罪。
  9.The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the judge will pass sentence next week.陪审团裁定有罪,法官将于下周判刑。
  10.The jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision.陪审团未能达成意见一致的裁决。