The 20 simple words Brits are unable to spell:
  1. Questionnaire 2. Accommodate 3. Definitely 4. Liaison 5. Existence
  6. Occurrence 7. Referring 8. Occurred 9. Millennium 10. Embarrass
  11. Calendar 12. Receive 13. Necessary 14. Separate 15. Cemetery
  16. Library 17. Accidentally 18. Independent 19. Occasionally 20. Receipt
  Millions of adults are unable to spell basic everyday words, a study suggests。
  Of 2,500 surveyed, 40 per cent could not spell "questionnaire", 38 per cent were stumped by
  "accommodate" and 37 per cent were defeated by "definitely"。
  Around a third of those questioned were unable to spell "liaison", "existence" or
  Other simple words which caused problems were "calendar", "embarrass", "library" and
  其他一些容易出错的单词包括:calendar(日历), embarrass(困窘), library(图书馆)和
  Two-thirds blamed their inability to get words right on the predictive text function on
  their mobile phones。
  Despite the embarrassing results, almost a third claimed their spelling was excellent, while 46 per cent said it was good。
  Alarmingly, 14 per cent did not think it was important to spell properly, and 11 per cent
  were not bothered by colleagues' spelling mistakes。
  Twenty per cent said they avoided writing documents by hand because their spelling was
  poor, and 59 per cent said they relied on their computer's spell checker to get things
  right--even though some are programmed with American English。
  Six per cent said their spelling was so bad they had lost a job because of it。
  The study was carried out on behalf of , which provides software to help
  with English grammar and writing。
  A spokesman said: "It's worrying how weak our spelling has become, especially with regard to
  simple, everyday words。
  "It's interesting to see that despite getting basic words wrong, a huge majority still regard their spelling skills as excellent or good。