lobally, we have moved from a culture centered on networktelevision, cable, AM and FM m0663.com radio and telephone into a digitalsociety with mass media,streaming information, intelligent computer. To shiftto a digital economy, best demonstrated by the explosive growth of theInternet, is transforming everyday products and practices. Ideas expressed insoft wares, chips, communication systems, financial institutions and mass mediahave enormous leverage worldwide. Beyond emails and online shopping, theInternet promises to change dramatically huge spectrum activities. Its benefitscan be well illustrated m0665.com in the following aspects.

In the first place, it contributes to escape us from laborious work, save ourtime, facilitate our lives. Secondly, with computer
’s extensive reach into every corner of the world, aperspective of human life can be shown only with a single keystroke. No matterwhere we are, in school, business workshops, operating rooms, labs, banks ofhalls of government, the Internet appears to reflect a perspective of humanlife. Furthermore, computer profits k0051.com us by relaxation andentertainment it provides.

But on the other hand, some people debate that it is also inconvenient, waste w06682.comthe time, isolated us from people only with the company of computers, and makeour lives more complicated. Some people repair the most sophisticated computerbut can’t mend a k0812.com pair of socks. kk1884.com Yetin fact, computer collapse the distances and demolishes all boundaries. Whethercomputer is a blessing or a curse, depends on different circumstance and theway you use it.

As a new millennium approach, we look forward to constructing a new fantasylandby combination with the w8860.com wealth this new age will bring and the hightechnology it will provide.